KelTech Products & Services

Conventional Coatings

Both air-dry and baking systems are available. KelTech's air-dry lacquer and enamels are perfect for application on all types of plastic, steel, iron and aluminum. Our baking enamels are suitable for use on all types of metals. KelTech can supply both direct-to-metal and primer-topcoat systems. For heat resistance to 1200 degrees F, we offer an enamel in both medium and low gloss.

Application processes include dip, brush, conventional spray, electrostatic spray, airless spray, discs and bells.

Water-Based Coatings

Using emulsion and water-reducible technologies, KelTech offers quality air-dry and baking systems. Air-dry coatings can be used on all plastics, steel and aluminum, giving a dry-to-touch time of 10 to 30 minutes. Our water-based baking enamels are recommended for metals of all types and are supplied for direct-to-metal or primer-topcoat applications.

Application processes include dip, brush, conventional spray, airless spray, turbo discs and bells.

High Solids Coatings

With a careful eye on volatile organic compound content, KelTech specializes in high solids air-dry and baking systems. Formulations are available for use on iron, steel and aluminum with VOC levels ranging from 2.4 to 3.5 lbs./gal., depending on application. Direct-to-metal and primer-topcoat systems are available in both air-dry and baking types. Our high solids high-heat black enamel gives resistance to 1200 degrees F.

Application processes include conventional spray, airless spray, electrostatic spray, turbo discs and bells, and HVLP.

Custom-Formulated Coatings

KelTech division of Kelley Technical coatings prides itself on meeting your specialized coating requirements. With 50 years of experience, we put our resources and knowledge to work on your toughest finishing challenge.

As a KelTech OEM customer, you will never receive a product 'off the shelf.' First, our laboratory will research and examine all your finishing conditions, right down the line. Once we understand your needs, we will custom-formulate a coating especially for your application. Our advanced technology adds protection and value to your manufactured product.


Our commitment goes beyond your finish. The KelTech response team stands ready to answer any technical questions that may arise before, during or after application. Along with the best technology available, you'll have knowledgeable people who can ensure your highest standards.


KelTech's expert technicians have developed a wide variety of specialty coatings for virtually any application. Our custom formulas are unique to your particular operation, including a custom-match of colors and gloss levels.

We Deliver

At Kelley Technical Coatings, we know that keeping your line moving is as important to you as the finished product. That's why we pledge on time, every time delivery of your advanced coating system to maintain your schedule and keep your product flowing out the door.

Have questions? Call us at 502.636.2561 / 800.458.2842 or drop us a line.