About Us
At Kelley Technical Coatings, we put five decades of experience behind our work, offering some of today's most enduring paint and coatings products from a company with proven, high-quality service. Our precision engineering standards provide quality formulations to an ever-increasing array of companies and industries - with masterful results.

Since 1949, we've earned our customers' loyalty with our total commitment to their satisfaction. As Kelley Technical Coatings has said for generations, We Stand for the Finish.

Kelley Technical Coatings operates four divisions:

Olympic Pool Products - pool coatings, deck coatings and allied pool products applied around the world since the 1950s. Our technological advancement and superior performance are second to none. Kelley Technical Coatings is recognized as the largest manufacturer of pool and deck coating products in the world.
KelTech - showcasing a variety of performance products offering an extensive line of architectural and industrial maintenance coatings. Our specification breadth allows us to provide coatings for virtually any application, and our time-tested process assures you of unsurpassed dependability.
Convoy - non-skid coatings offering safety underfoot to protect against slip hazards. Available in several formulations, Convoy is trusted on ships, ramps, floors, platforms, steps, around machinery - nearly anywhere a slipping hazard exists.
Duracourt outdoor court coating is designed specifically for coating asphalt or concrete recreational surfaces. Duracourt is excellent for new or previously painted all-weather surfaces including tennis, basketball, volleyball, and other recreational court surfaces.
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