Acrylic Coating


HYDROLON is a water-reducible acrylic enamel designed for fast easy application on bare concrete or plaster and over an old rubber base finish. HYDROLON can be applied to damp surfaces and has no solvent vapors. The unique properties of HYDROLON make it perfect for seasonal commercial application or for use in indoor facilities. Two coats are required but a third may be necessary for unusually porous bare surfaces.

Coverage: 250 - 300 square feet average per gallon. Available in these attractive colors: White, Blue Ice, Blue Mist, Bikini Blue and Black.


  • Thoroughly remove all loose coating before recoating.
  • Always follow the three step cleaning process outlined on the label. This removes all contaminants which may impede performance of the coating.
  • Try to avoid application in the direct rays of a hot sun.
  • Do not coat when surface temperature is below 50°F.
  • Applies to Damp Surfaces
  • Cures Quickly
  • No Solvent Fumes

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