Maintenance Products

Super Convoy Non-Slip Coatings

SUPER CONVOY is our slip-resistant coating perfect for any slippery area like steps, shower rooms, diving boards and pool coping.

This high-solids epoxy finish offers a slip-resistant profile while remaining comfortable to your feet.

It can be applied to virtually any surface and remains durable for years and years.
  • Prevents slipping
  • Attractive Finish
  • Durable Epoxy

Olympic Diving Board Resurface Kit

Helps provide sure footing to worn out diving boards. Each Diving Board Kit contains one quart of Super Convoy, one pint thinner, one roller cover and complete instructions.

Can be applied to fiberglass, aluminum or wood with excellent results.

Olympic Pool Repair and Maintenance Products

No. 950 PERMASEAL is a nitrile rubber caulking compound for repair of small cracks. Remains permanently flexible.

No. 962 POXOFILL Poxofill can be used for permanent patching of concrete for a strong, lasting bond. Also used for anchoring diving boards, ladders and resetting tile.

No. 960 CONCRETE PATCH is a strong yet economical concrete patching compound - used for both above ground and underwater concrete surfaces. Stronger than concrete.

No. 935 Thermolastic Joint Filler for expansion joints is a permanently flexible, polysulfide rubber-base material for filling vertical and horizontal joints in concrete.


Duracourt Outdoor Court Coating

DURACOURT Outdoor Court Coating is an easy to use, one-coat tennis court finish for asphalt and concrete surfaces. This product exhibits outstanding durability and color retention. DURACOURT coatings may also be used to resurface previously coated courts with excellent results.

DURACOURT is also perfect for basketball courts or any recreational surface. Colors available are green, tile red and white. Coverage is 100 to 125 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface.


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