Concrete & Plaster Primers
We make two types of epoxy primer for unfinished concrete or plaster surfaces. Bare plaster or concrete are highly absorbent materials which tend to soak up the first coat. Therefore, a primer should be used to soak in, seal the surface and provide a smoother profile for surfacing. These primers should only be used as a base coat for POXOLON 2 or ZERON. Do not use epoxy primers in conjunction with rubber-base coatings.

Poxoprime II

POXOPRIME II is our epoxy primer for application over uncoated concrete or plaster.

Used as an undercoat for POXOLON 2 or ZERON, POXOPRIME II soaks in and seals the surface. POXOPRIME II's compatibility with wet surfaces helps reduce downtime by allowing the pool to be cleaned and primed in one day.

Do not apply over any old coating.

Coverage: 200 - 250 square feet per gallon

  • Seals Surfaces
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Applies to Wet Surface


GUNZITE is a two-part epoxy primer for application over fiberglass or unusually rough plaster or concrete.

The heavy viscosity of GUNZITE acts as a fill coat on concrete and plaster and provides a much smoother surface, GUNZITE should only be used as an undercoat for POXOLON 2 or ZERON.

Especially effective on sandblasted surfaces.

Coverage: 100 - 150 square feet per gallon

  • For Rough Surfaces
  • Applies Over Gunite
  • Smooths Surface Profile

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