Protect Against Slipping Accidents
Protection against accidents due to slipping is a major concern for all businesses, homes, public and private facilities.

Safety engineers and insurance companies recognize the immense responsibility of reducing the exposure of areas where such accidents occur. Statistics prove the reality of their concern.

Convoy Non-Slip Safety Coatings Help Meet O.S.H.A. and Insurance Requirements by Eliminating Slippery Areas and Reducing Injuries.
  • 12% of all work related deaths are the result of slips and falls.
  • Deaths by slips and falls rank second only to motor vehicle deaths in the workplace.
  • Work related accidents in the United States cost 34.8 billion annually.
  • Over 300,000 disabling injuries and deaths are caused annually by slips and falls.
  • Costs in compensation (wages and medical) as a result of slipping accidents average $6,717 per occurrence, or 41% more than the average of all other accidents.

Through proper precautions most slipping accidents can be avoided. But when a hazardous situation is ignored, and a slipping injury happens, the resulting liability can mean severe repercussions for the responsible party.

Convoy non-slip coatings have been offering safety underfoot since 1951. Convoy safety coatings provide economical non-slip protection for virtually any surface. Convoy non-slip coatings have long been proven to perform under the most demanding conditions whether outdoor or indoor, private, commercial or industrial, under foot or vehicular traffic. Convoy non-slip coatings are technologically tough, apply easily and give long life. All Convoy coatings stand up to common slip causing agents while Super Convoy and Super “X” Convoy remain unaffected by the harshest acids, solvents, alkalies and gasoline.

Low V.O.C. Convoy non-slip safety coatings will help you meet OSHA and insurance non-slip requirements, thus reducing the high cost of liability and injuries. For quality assurance in providing safety underfoot, choose Convoy non-slip safety coatings.

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