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Convoy II

Convoy II is an economical non-slip floor and deck coating that is based on a single component, durable acrylic polymer. USDA accepted Convoy II is a waterborne coating that is non-flammable and releases no solvent vapors into the air. This non-slip coating is designed to perform superbly in areas which receive normal foot traffic and intermittent vehicular traffic. It is suggested for use where exposure to chemicals and acids is mild.

Convoy II provides protection on concrete, wood, and metal surfaces while offering the advantage of being water thinned. Convoy II dries quickly and can be used in areas which cannot be closed off for long periods of time. This product also performs well when applied over damp surfaces and has excellent life expectancy. If necessary, Convoy II can easily be “touched up” or recoated.

Available in 7 Colors: White, Gray, Yellow, Green, Tile Red, Black, and Orange.

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  • Rugged Water-Borne
  • No Solvent Odor
  • Excellent Wear
  • Remarkable Slip Resistance
  • Helps Meet OSHA Requirements
  • USDA Accepted

Super Convoy

Super Convoy is a moderately aggregated two component epoxy coating. Super Convoy offers excellent slip resistance with fortitude against oil and chemical exposure.

Super Convoy is designed for indoor or outdoor application, and for heavy foot and vehicular traffic. Super Convoy spreads easily and applies to most any surface.

Available in 7 Colors: Tile Red, Yellow, White, Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, and Green.

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  • High Solids Epoxy
  • Extreme Wearability
  • Moderate Aggregate
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High Coverage Rate
  • Rolls on Most Any Surface
  • Low VOC

Super X Convoy

Super “X” Convoy is the ultimate non-slip coating designed to perform under the most severe conditions. Super “X” Convoy is a durable two component epoxy that lives long under heavy foot and vehicular traffic while rejecting the caustic effects of chemicals, acids, and alkalies.

Extra heavy aggregate gives Super “X” Convoy a high-profile finish, ideal for areas subject to oil and grease accumulation.

Super “X” Convoy is also unaffected by steam, moisture, and contin-uous submersion. Because Super “X” Convoy is weather repellent, it can be used indoors or outdoors, in any climate, on virtually any surface. Super “X” Convoy can also be applied over most old paint.

Available in 7 Colors: Orange, Gray, Yellow, Tile Red, Black, White, and Green.

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  • Tough Epoxy Formula
  • Superb Durability
  • Gripping Power
  • Rolls or Trowels
  • Applies to Most Any Surface
  • Helps Meet OSHA Requirements
  • Low VOC

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